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Nutrition Rounds Podcast

Jun 29, 2020

Hosted by: Dr. Danielle Belardo 
Instagram: @daniellebelardomd
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Facebook: Dr. Danielle Belardo, MD
Danielle Belardo is a Preventive Cardiologist in Newport Beach, CA
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Produced by: Dr. Kasey Johnson
Instagram: @drkaseyjohnson


A discussion on evidence based nutrition with Kevin Klatt, PhD, RD

Before todays episode starts, we want to acknowledge the 122,000 Americans who have lost their lives to COVID19.  We acknowledge the great challenge that those in healthcare and others on the front lines are facing, as well as the many individuals who have lost a loved one to COVID19.  Our hearts also go out to the many lives affected by the sequelae of the pandemic, including the many individuals who have lost their jobs, and have been under financial and psychological stress.

We DENOUNCE incidents of racism and violence that continue to ravage the black community. We want to acknowledge the heart breaking murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others who have lost their lives to longstanding systemic racism.  We stand behind the black community who have our endless support.  Black lives matter. Please support black owned businesses and charities if you are financially able to at this time. Scroll down our show notes for an extensive list of black vegan influencers and black owned vegan businesses.


Eminence versus Evidence Based Nutrition.

This interview is an important one. Nutrition science can be so confusing. With so many dietary groups advocating for various different dietary patterns, how do we know what to believe? Nutrition science is a complex living organism, and we are working on projects to help get the accurate scientific information out there.

About Kevin Klatt, PhD, RD – Co Director of Research and Education at IOPBM

He is the recipient of the inaugural Dennis Bier, MD Young Career Editor for The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition! This one of the most prestigious accomplishments in Academic Nutrition in the world. Kevin is a Cornell and NIH trained PhD, RD, and current scientist at Baylor College of Medicine, and is one of the worlds most respected nutrition scientists. We are honored to have him on our team at IOPBM.

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Black Lives Matter. Support & Amplify Black Vegans. 

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Black-Owned Vegan Food Companies
Atlas Monroe (Nationwide)
Aya Raw (San Diego, CA)
Better Chew (Bay Area, CA)
BGab’s Goodies (Chicago, IL)
Coco Luv Vegan Cookies (nationwide)
Eat Project Pop (Nationwide)
Good Girl Chocolate (Nationwide)
Golde (Nationwide)
Green Soma (Atlanta, GA)
Hella Nuts (Nationwide)
Houston Sauce Co. (Nationwide)
kubé Nice Cream (Nationwide)
Mac & Yease (Nationwide) 
Maya’s Cookies (Nationwide)
Misha’s Kind Foods (Los Angeles, CA)
More Life Liquid (Bonita, CA)
Mylk Dog (Nationwide)
Rooted Delights (Nationwide) 
Southern Roots (Nationwide)
The No Cookie (Nationwide)
Way to Life Foods (California + nationwide shipping)

Black-Owned Vegan Grocery Stores
Green Taste Vegan Goods (San Francisco, CA)
Larayia’s Bodega (Los Angeles, CA)
No Carne Bodega (The Bronx, NY)
Sunshine’s Health Food Store and Deli (Houston, TX)
SÜPRMARKT (Los Angeles, CA)
The SV Market (Nationwide)
Vegan Fine Foods (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Vegan’s Delight (The Bronx, NY)
VegSide Mkt (Houston, TX)
V Marks the Shop (Philadelphia, PA)

Black-Owned Vegan Beauty Brands 
Base Butter 
Beauty Bakerie
Bombd Aesthetics
Candy x Paints
Dimension Nails
Doubledown Cosmetics
Emaje Naturals 
Foxie Cosmetics
Hello Aloe Naturals
Loving CultureJacq’s
Janet and Jo 
JD Glow Cosmetics 
Klarity Kosmetics 
Lovinah Skincare
Mented Cosmetics
Mudd Beauty
Nola Skinsentials
Obia Naturals
Oshun Organics
Range Beauty
Ressentir Cosmetics
Suite Eleven
The Vegan Esthetician Spa
The Wellness Apothecary
True Moringa

Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants
A Live Kitchen (Laurelton, NY)
A Piece of Soul (Columbia, SC)
Azla Ethiopian Eatery (Los Angeles, CA)
Belmont Vegetarian (Worcester, MA)
Blueberry Cafe (Newark, NJ)
Bunna Cafe (Brooklyn, NY)
Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat (Chicago, IL)
Compton Vegan (Compton & Los Angeles, CA)
DaJen Eats (Eatonville, FL)
Dirty Lettuce (Portland, OR)
Detroit Vegan Soul (Detroit, MI)
Drop Squad Kitchen (Wilmington, DE)
ELife Restaurant (Washington, DC & Capitol Heights, MD)
Gigi’s Vegan Cafe (Kansas City, MO)
Go Vegan Grill (Atlanta, GA)
Greedi Kitchen (Brooklyn, NY)
Greedi To Go (Brooklyn, NY)
Green Gene Vegan Cafe (Albuquerque, NM)
Green Seed Vegan (Houston, TX)
Grenville Kitchen (Jacksonville, FL)
Happy Apple Cafe (Kansas City, MO)
Happy Ice (Los Angeles, CA)
Humaitree House (Augusta, GA)
ITSO Vegan (Grand Prairie, TX)
Jackfruit Cafe (Los Angeles, CA)
Jikoni Cafe (Norfolk, VA)
Judahlicious (San Francisco, CA)
Juju’s Vegan (Lincoln, NE)
Juices for Life (New York City, NY)
Kale Cafe (Daytona, FL)
Life Bistro (Atlanta, GA)
Lindiana’s Souther Vegan Kitchen (Houston, TX) 
Lov’n It Live (East Point, GA)
Majani (Chicago, IL)
Meme’s Twisted Potato (Little Rock, AK)
Munchies Diner (Santa Ana, CA)
Natural Blend Vegan Cafe (Brooklyn, NY)
Natural Oasis (Rochester, NY)
Nola Vegan (New Orleans, LA)
NuVegan Cafe (Washington, DC)
Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor (Boston, MA)
One World Beat Cafe (San Diego, CA)
Original Soul Vegetarian (Chicago, IL)
Plant-Based Pizzeria (Atlanta, GA)
Plum Bistro (Seattle, WA)
Quickie Too (Tacoma, WA)
Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine (Los Angeles, CA)
Ras Plant Based (Brooklyn, NY)
Rawtopian Bliss (Columbia, SC)
Refocused (Baltimore, MD)
Seasoned Vegan (New York City, NY)
Senbeb Cafe (Washington, DC)
Senses Vegan (Norfolk, VA)
Simply Pure (Las Vegas, NV)
Slutty Vegan (Atlanta, GA)
Sol Sips (Brooklyn, NY)
Soul Food Vegan (Houston, TX)
Soul Good Vegan Cafe (Durham, NC)
Souley Vegan (Oakland, CA)
Soul Vegetarian (Atlanta, GA)
Spoiled Vegans (San Diego, CA)
Sprout Natural Choice (Catonsville, MD)
Stuff I Eat (Inglewood, CA)
Sunshine Vegan Eats (Buffalo, NY)
Sunset Kava (San Diego, CA)
Super Juiced (Oakland, CA)
Sweet & Natural (Mount Rainier, MD)
Sweet Soulfood Nola Vegan Cuisine (New Orleans, LA)
T&T Lifestyle (Los Angeles, CA)
Tassili’s Raw Reality (Atlanta, GA)
The Greener Kitchen (Baltimore, MD)
The GruB Factory (Baltimore, MD)
The Land of Kush (Baltimore, MD)
The New Vegan (Delray Beach, FL)
The Nile Cafe (Philadelphia, PA)
The Queen’s Table (El Paso, TX) 
The Reizod Vegan Experience (Columbia, SC)
The Southern V (Nashville, TN)
The Veg Hub (Oakland, CA)
The Vtree (Los Angeles, CA)
Tri Lounge Cafe (New York, NY)
Trio Plant-Based (Minneapolis, MN)
Twisted Plants (Cudahy, WI)
Two Mamma’s Vegan Kitchen (Oakland, CA)
Uptown Veg (New York City, NY)
Urban Vegan Kitchen (New York City, NY)
V-Eats Modern Vegan (Dallas, TX)
Vegan Mob (Oakland, CA)
Vegans Are Us (Vineland, NJ)
Vege-Licious Cafe (Nashville, TN)
Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin (Miami Beach, FL)
Veggie Castle (South Richmond Hill, NY)
Veg On the Edge (Santa Cruz, CA)
Veltree (Charlotte, NC)
Verdure Inc (Brooklyn, NY)
Viva La Vegan (Atlanta, GA)
Wasota Vegan Paradise (Austin, TX)
Where It All Vegan (Columbus, OH)
Whipped - Urban Dessert Lab (New York, NY)

Black-Owned Vegan Bakeries 
Blackstreet Bakery (Portland, OR)
Brewer Bakes (Indianapolis, IN + nationwide shipping)
Brown Sugar Baking Company (Seattle, WA)
Devi’s Donuts and Sweets (Long Beach, CA)
Guilt Free Pastries (Memphis, TN + nationwide shopping)
Heavenly Vegan (The Bronx, NY + nationwide shipping)
How Delish HD (West Orange, NJ)
Jalen’s Bakery (Fresno + nationwide shipping)
Lush Life Vegan Bakery (Madison, WI + nationwide shipping)
Mo’Pweeze Vegan Bakery (Denville, NJ + nationwide shipping)
Shyah’s Vegan Bakery (nationwide shipping)
The Uptown Vegan (New York, NY)
The Vegan Doughnut Co. (Lakewood, OH)
Vegan Dream Doughnuts (Atlanta, GA)

Black-Owned Vegan Food Trucks
Burger Hive (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Malibu’s Burgers (Oakland, CA)
Mattie’s Vegan Eats (Kansas City, MO)
Planet Vegan (Fresno, CA)
Sassy’s Vegetarian Soul Food (Austin, TX)
Vurger Guyz (Los Angeles, CA)

Black-Owned Vegan Pop-Ups & Catering
Ameen’s Foods (Los Angeles, CA)
B.A.D. Gyal Vegan (Brooklyn, NY)
Bams Vegan (Dallas, TX)
Black Rican Vegan (The Bronx, NY)
Blufox Co (Los Angeles, CA)
Charlie’s Brownies (Los Angeles, CA)    
CLR Trust (New York, NY)
Deelish by Deedi (Baltimore, MD)
Good Green Grubbery (Washington DC)
Krafted Culture Catering (Los Angeles, CA)
Lettuce Feast LA (Los Angeles, CA)
Louisville Vegan Kitchen (Atlanta, GA)
Maya’s Cajun Kitchen (Mesa, AZ)
Merkaba Meals (Kansas City, MO)
Naomi Vegan Meets (Hampton, VA) 
Nanas A Vegan (The Bronx, NY)
One Cup (San Diego, CA)
Pescky Kitchen (Denver, CO + nationwide shipping)
Plant-Based Papi (Portland, OR)
Sabrosa Vegana (New York, NY)
Sneak Eats (Mount Vernon, NY)
Straight Up Fast Food (Los Angeles, CA)
The Hood Bruja (Los Angeles, CA)
The Remix (San Diego, CA)
The Source (San Diego, CA)
The Vegan Hood Chefs (San Francisco, CA)
The Vegan Lion (San Diego, CA)
The Vegan Spot (Kansas City, MO)
Topknotch Vegan Vittles (Kansas City, MO)
Two Vegan Sistas (Memphis, TN)
Urban Soul Grill (Michigan & Ohio)
Vegan Crave (Kansas City, MO)
Vegan or Nah (Los Angeles, CA)
Veg Nation (St. Louis, MI)
Voodoo Vegan (Los Angeles, CA)
We Be Grubbin’ (Bakersfield & Los Angeles, CA)
Zizi’s Vegan Catering (Charlotte, NC)

(list cred: VegNews)