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Nutrition Rounds Podcast

Jul 8, 2019

Hosted by: Dr. Danielle Belardo

Instagram: @theveggiemd

Twitter: @theveggiemd

Facebook: The Veggie MD

Produced by: Dr. Kasey Johnson

Instagram: @drkaseyjohnson


Episode show notes:

Episode 3: HOW TO GO PLANT BASED & meet the #docsgovegan challengers!

This episode is ALL about how to go PLANT BASED, from step 1!

If you’re already plant based, you will still LOVE this episode!! Share it with your friends and family that you want to share plant based info with! 
And if you aren’t already plant based  — you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode!! This is the most informative and inspiring episode that dives DEEP into the “HOW do we go plant based”

About the episode:
First, Nutrition Rounds Producer Kasey Johnson jumps in to start the episode and we talk about our favorite tips for transitioning to a plant based diet, and how to trouble shoot issues like weight gain/too much weight loss or being too hungry!

Next up, we talk to health coach and registered nurse Karen from Karen’s Healing Kitchen — she’s helping me to Coach our 5 omnivore doctors who have accepted the challenge to go fully plant based ALL summer! She walks you through important kitchen staples and kitchen tools that will help you go plant based easily! Recipe ideas, and more!

And finally, you’ll get to meet our 5 doctors who joined #docsgovegan.  This summer, I offered omnivore physicians on social media the opportunity to get 1:1 coaching this summer to transition to a plant based diet. I received over 500 emails from physicians across the globe who wanted to join the challenge! We selected 5 motivated and inspirational physicians who are dropping all animal products and going plant based with us ALL summer - and hopefully for life! 

Follow their journey to living a plant based life ALL summer on Nutrition Rounds! And support them on social media here:

Karen Burzichelli RN:

Instagram: @karenshealingkitchen

Dr. Samantha Jones

Instagram: @samantita23

Twitter: @DrSammyBJones

Dr. David Fermin

Instagram: @davidfermin76

Twitter: DavidFerminMD

Dr. Heidi Goodarzi

Instagram: @heidigoodarzimd

Twitter: @Heidigoodarzimd

Dr. Fahad Samarkandy

Instagram: @supern0va3000

Twitter: @changingtehgame

Dr. Mo Naidu

Instagram: @teebie38

Twitter: DoctorMoNaidu